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Preparing to Renew the LPI Level 1 Certification

LPIC-1 LogoNearly 5 years ago, I sat down on a Sunday morning in October, after the Ohio Linuxfest, to a pair of tests. These tests were the LPI 101 and LPI 102, the exams required to earn my LPI Level 1 certification. It’s the entry-level vendor-neutral Linux certificate.

Fast forward to today, and I will need to renew or expand my certification to keep it. While I have more than 10 years of Linux experience, I need to brush up on my low-level administration skills before I would feel confident taking the tests again.

While I work to refresh these skills, I thought I would share my experiences here.

The first step in my studies will be to work my way through the Linux From Scratch book. I’ll use it to learn the innards of a modern Linux system. I’ve run through it before, but it has been years since I worked with it; it could have been the turn of the century.

I’ll be spending the next few weeks and entries writing about that process, including any problems I have. After that, I thought I would look closely at the test objectives to determine my next course. I could go on to the BLFS book, the sequel to the original, or I could focus on some of the updated systems, such as Upstart.

What should be my next step for preparing for the tests, after I work through the Linux From Scratch book?

Learning from Broken Equipment and Minor Mistakes

A few days ago, I noticed that websites were loading very slowly, particularly in the early stages.  It appeared as if there were problems with the DNS service being provided by my internal storage server.  I tried to SSH into the machine to do some investigation and access the Webmin web interface; neither option worked.  However, I was able to receive replys to pings sent to the server.  I knew something was up, but I would have to dig in to figure out exactly what.

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A Weekend Project

This weekend, I finished the bulk of the work of a long-standing project I had been pondering. I had all sorts of data lying around on my desktop machine that I didn’t want to lose. Photos, videos, school assignments, and the like. I wanted to be able to back up multiple machines and be able to synchronize my documents, especially while I was using my laptop. Knowing what I wanted to do, and being the IT control freak I am, I chose to build out a home storage appliance. I thought I would share my build process.

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