Happy Holidays

A good deal of things have been on my mind lately. Some good, some not so good. The hardest thing to deal with sometimes is not having Mom around.

The other night, Dad spent the evening, while I fell unto an unexpected nap, putting up Mom’s tree. I think many people know the type of tree I am talking about; the color-coordinated and meticulously decorated type. While Dad did a good job, it does bring about a reminder as to how that piece of my life is gone forever. Of course, I don’t want the tree to come down.

The holidays were a special time in our house. Lots of time with the family decorating, baking, and talking. Mom always had the house decorated to the hilt; artificial pine garland and ribbon placed on the mantle, as well as her porcelain village sprawled out across the top of the bookcase. As usual, Dad’s collection of Santa figures is on display. On Christmas morning, presents were opened early in the day, before Christmas dinner. Cooking dinner was also a favorite time; tempting aromas wafting through the air as the turkey, stuffing, and the other foods were prepared.

These days, the holidays are different. Less decorations are about, for starters. Christmas dinner is sometimes up in the air as to whether we cook it or whether we join some of our extended family. Gifts are opened at the same time as normal, but there is an open space that used to belong to Mom. It now sits empty, a subconcious tribute to a special woman who touched so many lives.

I don’t want to give the impression that Christmas is bad with just Dad and Adam; just that it is different. I always liked to joke that Mom was our own Martha Stewart; she really was. Dad has placed a lot of the same decorations that we have enjoyed for years, but there is a certain amount of detail or flair that was distinctly Mom’s that is missing.

Before this gets really out of hand, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. While mine will be lightly marred because of one important missing person, I hope to enjoy the company and the time together as much as I possibly can.

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  1. Holly says:

    Rob, how have you been? I can’t remember your email address. Feel free to email me; I assume you will receive my email address from my submission.

    Take care,
    Holly Huffman Zistler

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